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What you need to know about getting your motorcycle licence.


Please refer to our terms and conditions before booking.Training Tcs 2019

Compulsory basic training (cbt) 16* and overs

This is a legal requirement before riding on the road. Our instructors will train you in a safe off road area with a final 2 hour session on the road. Once successfully completed a cbt certificate will be issued which allows you to ride a 125cc machine on the road for 2 years with L plates *50cc moped at 16

If you are 17-18 gain a 125cc licence

Ride on 125cc for min of 2 years or upon turning 19 + take lessons and test on bike above 395cc between 33bhp and 46.6 bhp

If you are 19-23 gain a A2 licence.

Pass a test on a restricted 600cc machine (between 33bhp and 46.6bhp) and gain a licence which allows you to ride a bike of upto 46.6bhp (A2) ride on this for a minimum of 2 years or upon turning 24 if wishing to ride a bigger machine move to the next step below.

If you are 24 or over or have served a minimum of two years on an A2 licence.

You can do direct access where you sit a test on an unrestricted 600cc (53.6bhp) and gain a full unresticted licence (A) allowing you to ride any bike of any size.


"From Day 1 CBT, through purchasing my first learner legal bike and kit, to Category A training and passing the tests, the customer service at Ride On has been exemplary.

The Training Team provide the skills, education and guidance required in a relaxed and hugely enjoyable way. However, it is clear from Day 1 that their aim is to provide the best training in the safest way possible to create responsible, educated, experienced - and most of all SAFE riders. There isn't much these guys don't know about how to ride a bike - take advantage of, and learn from, their knowledge and combined vast riding experience. You will benefit from it your whole riding career.

The Sales Team have displayed an honesty and integrity in their dealings with me that is rarely found these days. The family business ethos is clear to see and what is evident is that the team want the customer to make the best choices - not the most expensive ones. Customer service is at the top of their list of priorities and the reputation they have gained is a tribute to the hard work they put in.

A summary of my personal experiences of Ride On Training and Sales is simple : If you are looking for the best advice with first class client / customer service from honest people with your personal interests at heart - look no further than Ride On. It is a family business with true family values. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to join the Ride On family. You'll love it!"

Colin McIntosh

Training Terms And Conditions

Don't let finances be the barrier to achieving your dream ...

Our facility to offer pay as you go on all our training allows you to spread the cost of your course over the duration of your course. This allows you, the trainee to still take advantage of the great value the courses offer without the burden of having to find a large sum up front to commence your motorcycle training.

To pay for equivalent number of lessons individually is sure to cost you far more*

*example saving on standard course £229.44, experienced course £150.44 **

** subject to t&c's

What do I need to get started?

You must hold a current (provisional) driving licence with provisional motorcycle entitlement on it (category a) and be able to read a number plate at a distance of 20 metres.

Do I need to buy any equipment?

No, all of our courses include equipment hire (helmets, waterproofs, gloves) all we ask that trainees wear strong footwear and suitable heavy clothing.

What will my instructor be like?

All of our instructors are professional and driving standards agency approved, with many years of experience.

What sort of bikes will i be riding?

We currently use well-maintained and new Yamaha ybr 125's and Yamaha mt 07's. We also have 50cc automatic mopeds in the fleet. All bikes are regularly serviced and replaced for new.

check out our bikes

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Will I need to sit a theory test?

This currently is not required for the cbt although we advise that all trainees have at the very least a basic understanding of the highway code. A motorcycle theory test must be passed should you wish to gain a full licence.

Is insurance included?

Our cbt courses include full comprehensive insurance. All courses include third party insurance with an upgrade to fully comprehensive available for an additional fee, this will be offered at the start of the course.

How will I know which course will best suit my needs?

If you have done a cbt with us then we will be able to give you an indication of what your requirements might be to get you to test standard. if you did a cbt else where then an assesment lesson will determine the best course to suit your needs.

How will my course be structured?

We offer training 7 days a week allowing you to confine lessons to the weekends if you wish or take them through the week. The only exception of this is the test dates as these are determined by availability at the DSA test centre.

What does the motorcycle test involve?

The motorcycle test is currently done in two parts: Module one : this test is conducted by the DSA on a special pad at the test centre and incorporates slow control manoeuvres and avoidance manoeuvers. You must pass this before sitting module two. Module two: This test is a forty minute road ride. This again is conducted by the DSA.

How will I prepare for the module one test?

All of our courses include additional practice at the test centre in preperation for the module one test. This allows trainees to see and use the pad they will be sitting there test on including the use of the speed measuring equipment.

It has come to our attention that there is a delay in sitting the theory test, we suggest that you book this asap if you are looking to sit your motorcycle licence this year.

For further details and bookings please call annwen (training coordinator) on 0141 883 6061 or call if busy 07483334782