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One of our wonderful customers Lizzie, who puts most bikers to shame with the amount of miles she does in all weather all year round, currently riding a yamaha XJR 1300, she is our ambassador for Metzeler and is testing the MCN tyre of the year ROADTEC 01, follow her blog on facebook or instagram!

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Ride on are proud to sponsor Lizzie with Metzeler Roadtec -01, watch out for her post on these fantastic tyres .. at great prices call David on 0141 882 1528. #metzeler

'The lovely people at https://ride-on-motorcycles.co.uk/ andhttps://www.metzeler.com/en-uk/products/tyres/roadtec-01 have sorted me out with an awesome pair of Roadtec 01 tyres - winner of mcn tyre of the year award 2 years running and a quality alternative to other similar tyres (cough... road 5's...cough) Day one of scrubbing in - motorway to work - no probs, then monsoon rain plus adult pillion man person, still solidly stuck to the ground with no unexpected wibbles - mega. Looking forward to seeing how they perform over longer distances.....'


Update from our Metzeler ambassador Lizzie ...

I am currently putting my new metzeler roadtec 01 tyres through a rigorous 'Lizzie-Test' process so last week I chose the rainiest day to go a 200 mile whirly on my bike. On the way down, I went the wibbly wobbly way with lots of twisties and on the way back fired myself back up the motorway as fast as the law would allow! Conditions were challenging to say the least, with the rain bouncing so hard coming back that visibility was significantly reduced. Anyhoo - back to the point - I was so impressed with the stickiness and consistent steadiness of the tyres in such humungously inclement conditions - grippy as a pair of uber grippy things they managed to get me within 6 miles of my house, and I know they would have been happy to take me the rest of the way too but I must remember that sometimes I don't just need quality tyres on my bike, I also need to fill up with petrol! Doh!🤦‍♀️ Ride On Motorcycles Ltd 💙 Metzeler 💙


Well, after an all too brief holibag hiatus to do 1500ish miles whirlying about the country to see chums and fam, I am happy to report that in road conditions such as mega boilingness (with slightly melty roads), gravel, potholes, muddy single tracks and monsoon rain (a lot of this) PLUS not forgetting approx 60 miles of filtering on the stupid M25 and equally stupid M1, my super spiffy metzeler roadtec 01 tyres are continuing to pull their weight and look after me. Not even the slightest loose back end in some fairly crapola conditions (tyres obvs, not me personally) I really really do love them, so much so, in fact that I have asked them to marry me - they are taking some time out to think about it just now.

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What a fabby few weeks I've had on my bike - arran, lairg, strontian plus general pootling. Have done just over 4500 on my #metzelermoto roadtech 01 tyres to date and they haven't missed a beat! The greatest challenge thus far has been absolute driving rain and 50mph winds coming over Rannoch Moor a couple of saturdays ago - was glad that I managed to stay on the left hand side of the road- well, my bike did,my bike batman didn't fair so well, neither did my furry dice! My tyres and I have now moved into a more relaxed relationship as we've got to know each other better and instead of rushing into the patriarchal state of marriage, we have decided that we will just be friends with benefits! (all the benefits are mine - obvs!) #rideonmotorcycles #metzelermoto xxx